What we offer

1. Website audit and redesign

Ask yourself the following. Does my website meet the requirements in terms of graphic design and user behavior principles? Has my website been maintained to ensure all information is current and up to date? We do a free audit to evaluate all this among other aspects. Take note, the request for a quotation doesn’t create any obligation. With the audit in mind we can start developing a new customised website.

2. New Website development

A website is your online point of contact. Potential customers have immediate access to important information. Invest once in the development of a customised website and after that you only pay a monthly hosting fee.

3. Website Hosting & Maintenance

Our hosting service includes basic updating of information and maintenance. It includes minor styling changes. Any major changes or addition of new pages will be quoted for separately.

4. User Registration

Do you want your website visitors to register for some reason? We will create and maintain a database according to your needs. Databases vary significantly based on different requirements. For that reason there is no pre-determined price and every database must be quoted for.

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Website standards

Standard Explanation
Page loading speed Web pages should load fast.
Navigation Users want to know where on the website they are and also move easily between pages.
Responsive behaviour A website should be displayed in a user friendly way by different device screen sizes (desktop, tablet and mobile).
Graphic design Design elements are used to guide a user's attention and result in a focused user experience.
Text and language The correct use of language creates a professional impression.